PowerShell 3.0 Active Directory Deployment Cmdlets


First look at PowerShell 3.0 Active Directory Deployment Cmdlets. Gone is DCPROMO, instead PowerShell!

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First Look: Windows Server “8″ Beta


The consumer preview of Windows 8 wasn’t the only operating system code Microsoft dropped yesterday. Microsoft also released Windows Server “8″ beta, and Admin Nation has your first look!

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Time Synchronization in Active Directory


Excuse me, do you have the time? Well you better if you are a Active Directory administrator. Next to DNS, time synchronization is one of the most important dependency of Active Directory. By default, Active Directory will tolerate a plus or minus of five minutes between the clocks of your network. If the time exceeds five minutes, clients will be unable to authenticate, and replication will not occur between domain controllers.

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Quest vWorkspace 7.5 released


Today Quest Software has officially released vWorkspace version 7.5! I personally had the honor to test-drive the beta and RC releases. I’m really excited about version 7.5, it contains a great set of new features and changes! In this blog post, I’ll discuss some of the features introduced in the new release.

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The Ultimate Roundup of Active Directory Links!


Admin Nation gathered a roundup of Active Directory websites. We asked our editors to pick their favorite sites from the web, and here’s the list they came up with.

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